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How to Cleanse and Charge Your Witchcraft Jewellery

Witchcraft jewellery, with its magical properties and personal energies, is a powerful tool in your spiritual practice. To keep these pieces effective, it's important to cleanse and charge them regularly. Cleansing removes negative energies, while charging infuses them with fresh, positive intentions. Here’s a friendly guide on how to cleanse and charge your witchcraft jewellery.

Why Cleansing and Charging are Important

Jewellery worn for magical purposes can absorb a mix of energies from your surroundings and experiences. Over time, these energies can become stale or even negative, affecting your spiritual work. Cleansing purifies the jewellery, while charging replenishes it with your desired intentions and power.

Methods for Cleansing Your Jewellery

Salt Water Bath

What You Need: Sea salt, water, a bowl.

How to Do It: Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in a bowl of water. Place your jewellery in the solution and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Rinse the jewellery thoroughly with fresh water and dry it completely.

Tip: Some metals and gemstones might not like salt water, so double-check if this method is safe for your jewellery.


What You Need: Sage, palo santo, or incense.

How to Do It:

Light the smudging stick or incense and let it smoulder. Pass your jewellery through the smoke several times, visualising the smoke cleansing away all negative energies.

Tip: This gentle method is perfect for all types of jewellery.

Moonlight Bath

What You Need: A clear night with a full moon.

How to Do It: Place your jewellery outside or on a windowsill where it will be bathed in moonlight. Leave it overnight to soak up the purifying lunar energy.

Tip: This method is super powerful during a full moon or supermoon.

Earth Burial

What You Need: A small cloth bag, a safe patch of earth.

How to Do It: Place your jewellery in a cloth bag and bury it in the earth for 24 hours. The earth’s natural energy will cleanse and renew your jewellery.

Tip: Mark the spot where you bury your jewellery to avoid losing it!

Crystal Cleansing

What You Need: A large piece of quartz or selenite.

How to Do It: Place your jewellery on or next to the crystal for several hours or overnight. These crystals have strong cleansing properties and will absorb any negative energies.

Tip: This is a safe and effective method for all types of jewellery.

Methods for Charging Your Jewellery

Sunlight Charging

What You Need: A sunny day.

How to Do It: Place your jewellery in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun’s powerful rays will infuse it with vibrant energy.

Tip: Some gemstones can fade in sunlight, so keep an eye on the time.

Moonlight Charging

What You Need: A clear night with a full moon.

How to Do It: Leave your jewellery in the moonlight overnight to absorb its gentle, intuitive energy.

Crystal Charging

What You Need: Charging crystals like amethyst, quartz, or selenite.

How to Do It: Place your jewellery on or near the charging crystals for several hours. The crystals will amplify the positive energy within your jewellery.

Intentional Charging

What You Need: Your focused intention.

How to Do It: Hold your jewellery in your hands, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Visualise your intention clearly and imagine a bright light infusing your jewellery with this purpose. Spend a few minutes in this meditative state, pouring your energy into the piece.

Ritualistic Charging

What You Need: Candles, herbs, a quiet space.

How to Do It: Create a small ritual by lighting candles and burning herbs like lavender or rosemary. Hold your jewellery and speak your intentions aloud, asking for the energies to align with your desires. Envision the jewellery glowing with this newly charged energy.

Regularly cleansing and charging your witchcraft jewellery ensures it stays a potent tool in your spiritual practice. By dedicating time and intention to this process, you keep your magical items balanced and effective. Choose the methods that resonate most with you, and let your jewellery continue to be a source of empowerment and protection.

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