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Online jewellery shop

Choose Scarlet Chalice, based in London, for high quality Gothic and fantasy jewellery to suit your individual tastes.

Quality gothic and fantasy jewellery

At Scarlet Chalice, we say “Live Your Fantasy”, and we mean it. Create your reality by adorning yourself in jewellery that reflects your nature, interests or beliefs. Alternatively, buy our pendants, broaches and earrings as a gift for a friend or relative and add some magic to their lives. 


Whether you like angels, dragons, stars, crosses or skulls, we are confident there will be something to catch your eye in our wide selection of Gothic and Fantasy pendants.


A beautiful brooch in the shape of a silver owl, staring wisely back at everyone you encounter, or a design based on angel wings, with a divine creature of the angelic spheres at its heart – these are just a couple of examples of the wonderful broaches we have on offer.


Take a look at our Aviamore Owl Earrings from The Engineerium collection. They are a steampunk design and feature emerald green faceted crystal eyes – a perfect choice to complement your pendant and broach.

Macro photograph of a deep red rose with water droplets

Are you looking for an online jewellery shop?

Buy pendants, earrings and more online at Scarlet Chalice, based in London.

020 8216 9999

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