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The wings and sword of St Michael are enclosed in the circular torc, favoured personal adornment of Albion’s great warriors. St Michael is known as the patron of chivalry and is honoured by St Michael’s Tower at Glastonbury Tor and St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. The St Michael Relic represents the knight’s code of chivalry and personal honour, a treasure for those dreaming of King Arthur’s Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail.


Albion, the ancient name for the British Isles, has come to mean all that is legendary in Britain’s history and landscape. The Lost Treasures of Albion charms are ancient Britain’s legacy, a reminder that past glory promises future greatness.

All pendants come with a chain, gold satin pouch and comprehensive, explanatory leaflet in a cellophane bag.

St. Michael Relic

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